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    releases June 9, 2017

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Blue Jacket


releases June 9, 2017

Artwork by Johan Barrios
Accompanying Art by Imogen Clendenning
Written & Produced by PINE, Cory Bergeron & Sivi Pradeepan
Engineered by Cory Bergeron & Joey Demers at Pebble Studios
Mixed by Cory Bergeron
Mastered by Cory Bergeron
Cello by Raphael Weinroth-Browne
Piano by Kassandra-Anne Demers
Guest vocals by Joey Demers, Paolo Pace, Sivi Pradeepan, Paul Dzioba, Cory Bergeron & Peter Ellman



all rights reserved


PINE Ottawa, Ontario


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Track Name: Viable
Let’s hope I don’t bring you to your knees cause there’s not a bone in my body that screams: “Let this be”.
Did you want to sleep alone? Cause there's walls that we could use.
I think I've lost myself in you.
I feel the friction in our sheets, building up walls we don’t intend to keep. Please disappoint me.
-I’ve always wondered what it felt like to see you alive.
I just don’t have time to let you waste mine.
Lay me down, lay me down and tell me: You’re gonna be here for longer than this summer cause what really last forever?
Track Name: (Un)rest
You left me in the corner of my mind, running out of time.
I couldn’t sleep without the sense of you. I tossed & turned all night.
It feels so empty & cold when you’re not here, I need you near.
-Hold me til I sleep so I feel you in my dreams.
Where are your secrets? I want to know what you’re thinking about.
Does it drag you down the way it does to me?
Strip the sheets, I won’t fall asleep.
I’m exhausted, I need your body with me.
These restless nights have got the best of me & I can’t fall asleep without the rest of me.
Hold me til I sleep, so I feel you in my dreams. I’ll take this disease, you & me.